Best 5 Scientific Calculator Apps for iPhone

Here'are 5 best scientific calculator apps for iPhone and iPad, you can choose any of these apps, according to your needs.

Specialist calculator applications are used a lot on smartphones. Well, they’re helping us to solve great scientific problems. We have collected most popular such calculator applications for Apple iOS platform within the below post.

In this article we’ll share for you a list of best specialist calculator apps for iPhone with basic functionalities for example addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more. Calculator apps provides simple function that lets you solve simple calculation. It’s helpful for students to take their homework.

Best 5 Scientific Calculator Apps for iPhone

Best 5 Scientific Calculator Apps for iPhone


RealCalc is really a free Android scientific calculator which brings you a feature-packed, ad-free experience. RealCalc’s UI mirrors design of a traditional scientific calculator, and comes with algebraic and trigonometric functions, an RPN mode, 10-slot memory, support for binary, octal, and hexadecimal modes and much more. The paid version of RealCalc adds support for fractional calculations and conversions, degree/minute/second calculations and conversions, user definable constants and conversions, as well as a landscape mode.


MobiCalculator (formerly CubeCalculator) has been a long-time staple for Android users searching for a powerful and customizable calculator app. The main screen covers your basic arithmetic operations and parenthesis, in addition to two customizable buttons. A Mode button provides use of trigonometric and logarithmic functions. The app’s settings menu provides hexadecimal, binary, and octal support, in addition to a viewable 50-line operation history. The professional version allows for a 1000-line history, support for 5-line expressions, and extra visual themes.

Free Graphing Calculator

Users taking on algebra and calculus will find Free Graphing Calculator (iOS) an excellent addition to their app library. Scientific calculator features cover your basics, from arithmetic operations to logarithms and roots. The real draw is the graphing mode, which allows users to draw up to four equations on screen, with labeled graphs and intersections. The app will also support parametric equations and polar coordinates. Extras incorporate a unit converter and scientific constants.

Algeo Graphing Calculator

Algeo Graphing Calculator covers your graphing calculator needs for Android devices. Covering the whole range from scientific calculator functions to graphing equations, Algeo is effective as a mobile graphing calculator stand-in or replacement. Just watch out for pop-up ads, which can lead to accidental selections.


Digits is really a tape-style calculator for iOS devices that allows users to keep track of long calculations on the history reel, complete with text labels. Unlike a tape calculator however, Digits allows users to return in the calculation history and change operations or figures and also have the changes automatically figured in down the road. The app particularly shines in the ability to print the tape reel or share it right to email, making for a handy office companion.

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