How to Download Google Live Android OS

How to Download Google Live Android OS

Download Google Android OS

How to Download Google Live Android OS: The project LiveAndroid prepared a unique demo LiveCD, allowing evaluation from the main options that come with the mobile platform Android on the standard PC having a processor in line with the x86 architecture or perhaps in a virtual environment, much like vmware or virtualbox. Like a basis within the project used the outcomes of tries to port Android towards the environment subnoutbuk Asus Eee PC.Within the second version adds support for LiveCD automatically get the IP address via DHCP, within the first problem for the network settings required to configure the network interface manually in the command line.Later on versions we intend to work sleep and standby modes, implement support equipment for example Wifi, Bluetooth, Sdcard, web-camera, sound card, touchscreen and a GSM modem.

Have you ever desired to try the Android operating system? but didn’t possess the device that supports it, don’t worry you may still try the Android os OS on your computer with the help of Live Android Image, just burn it on the disc and you’re simply ready to go through the Android world, Insert the Disc and reboot your computer, Boot into Android operating system, During Bootup you should use alt+F1 or alt+F7 to change between GUI and console.Virtually everyone should have heard right now about Google’s famous Android operating-system for handhelds, which, despite providing some pretty interesting features so far as the level of integration with assorted Google services is worried, is still rather not even close to having reached the amount of popularity enjoyed by other similar os’s, such as Symbian or Windows Mobile.

Burning your Live CD

Download the two parts of the Live CD .iso file from the LiveAndroid web page.
Combine the two segments into a single one using a specialized application (the projects’ authors recommend HJSplit for the task).
Burn the resulting .iso image onto a blank CD using your favorite disc burning application.
Reboot your computer (make sure that the CD-ROM drive is placed ahead of the HDD in the list of boot devices).
Wait for it to load (getting past the Android Live CD splash screen might take a while) and then voila! You’ve gotten the Google Android operating system running without any problems on your computer.

Running the Android OS on a virtual machine on your computer

While this second method is a bit more difficult than the first one, it’s also a lot more rewarding, since it will allow you to run your other applications at the same time as the Android. The first thing you’ll have to do is install a virtual machine application, if you don’t have one already installed. For example, we opted here for the Sun VirtualBox, simply because it provides networking support without forcing us to tinker further with the settings and the command prompt.

Furthermore, you’ll also have to install an optical drive software emulator in order to get the LiveCD running within the virtual machine (of course, that depends on the virtual machine you’re using. For VirtualBox, you won’t need such an option, but for others, you might – thanks for pointing that out, Maldoror). We used the Daemon Tools Lite application for this purpose, but you can easily choose your own. So, here are the steps that you must follow in order to run the Android from your own computer directly. These are roughly general steps, but we’re pretty sure you’ll get the hang of it quite fast.

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