Samsung Galaxy S III Camera review

The camera on the Galaxy S III is lightning fast, totally blown away by picture quality.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 follows on in the runaway success that was the Samsung Galaxy S2, which won great compliment and sold in huge numbers. So the new Galaxy had a lot to live up to. This had to be fast, powerful as well as feature-packed. Oh, also it had to look classy.

The actual S3 has gone big on innovation, with lots of additional features the speculation hadn’t dreamed of. However the first thing you see is the size. Samsung has shown celebrate a success of big screens with the 5.3in display on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Galaxy S III Camera

Galaxy S 3 Camera


  • 4.8-inch 720×1280 Super AMOLED display
  • Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay
  • S-Beam/NFC
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 8MP rear camera (1080p video capture)
  • 1.9MP front camera
  • 4G LTE at accessible carriers
  • MSRP: 16GB is actually $199 on-contract, 32GB is $249 on-contract

Samsung Galaxy S3: Screen

Back to the size. If your fingers can, er, handle this, the good consequence is really a superbly viewable screen. Video playback on a mobile is definitely a questionable priority – if you can’t watch on a TV, a tablet makes a lot more sense – but with 4.8ins of high-resolution Super AMOLED screen with its vivid colours as well as contrasty blacks, it is then more of a possibility than before.

The display resolution is identical to the HTC One X, therefore the pixels for each inch aren’t as high on this particular slightly larger screen, however both shows look lush and inviting, with this particular one successful in terms of vibrant, rich colours.

Samsung Galaxy S3: Camera

Samsung Galaxy S III Camera review

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Camera review

The camera around the Galaxy S 3 is lightning fast, totally blown away by picture quality. When compared with photos used with my personal iPhone 4S, everything shot with the Galaxy S III appears washed out as well as drab. Luckily, there are plenty of different scene modes, focus configurations, exposure, ISO, whitened balance, as well as other effects that ought to help you find the right path to the image you want.

But perhaps to create up for that less-than-impressive picture quality, the actual Samsung Galaxy S 3 camera has a couple of software shocks that are certain to delight. There’s burst chance, which takes as much as 20 photos at a rate associated with 3 pics for each second and finest shot, that snaps eight images as well as automatically provides you with the best one based on requirements like flashing, smiling, lighting, and so on. The Galaxy Utes III will even let you consider still pictures as you report 1080p video, and it has an HDR setting.

More importantly, the actual GSIII camera has a shooting mode known as Buddy Photo Share. It recognizes encounters in pictures and enables you to tag all of them with the contact’s name. From there, the phone will always recognize the difference in between John Biggs as well as Matt Uses up and allow me to share pictures with them completely from their name-tag.

Share Shot is another important camera feature, as it allows you to share pictures as you drive them with up to five GSIII devices via WiFi Direct. So let’s state you’re at a birthday celebration with your friends and want to make sure everyone can enjoy the pictures later. Simply open Share Shot and connect using the devices you need to share with. After that, every photo you take can look in their art galleries too before you choose a various shooting setting.

All in all the actual GSIII camera has a number of tricks upward its sleeve, but when it’s simply a stunning image you’re searching for, you may need to maintain looking.

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