The 7 Best New Calendar App for Android

Google Play has a large selection of calendar apps. Here’s a list of our favorite calendar apps for Android.

If your schedule is just too busy and you always find yourself wondering what the next task is, you should be using some calendar apps. The days are gone when you used paper sheets to keep track of your schedule as some smartphone apps have replaced them. So whether you have got a meeting with your boss or have to pick up your kids from school, the calendar apps will remind you about each of your tasks so you don’t run late.

Every android smartphone already has a default calendar to use. But sometime it lacks good features and you need to download some cool apps from play store. Google play store is loaded with tons of calendar applications and that it may confuse you some times. But you should use the best calendar app for android. Here are some of the best calendar apps for Android that you can use.

Calendar App for Android

Calendar App for Android

Business Calendar

Business Calendar is oriented more toward people who use their calendar for work and business purposes. The free version has ads while the paid version has more features and no ads. It looks pretty nice for a calendar and you can tell it’s designed to be used pretty heavily. In the paid version, you can get some more unique features like drag-and-drop events, the ability to add a task manager app, about a dozen more widget designs, and the ability to create templates for events in your calendar. Overall, it’s a solid option with some strong features.

Rabotan ToDo Calendar

Rabotan ToDo Calendar is a great holo-themed calendar with a heavy angle towards task management. Users can assign tasks to others via e-mail or SMS, create task hierarchies, categorize tasks, change task status, and filter tasks from view based on certain criteria. Every event in your Google Calendar can be translated into this format, though you unfortunately have to manually upload them again to keep everything in sync.

DigiCal Calendar & Widgets

DigiCal Calendar is much like Cal Calendar in a sense that it focuses on design as much as functionality. With this calendar app, you can sync all of your calendars and view them in six different ways or using one of five different widgets. It also has Google Now support which is extra nice if you’re a regular user of Google Now. There is also a paid version for $4.95 that adds extra widget options, colors, and removes ads.

Touch Calendar

One of the best features of Touch Calendar is it lets you view your entire calendar from a glance, making it extremely easier for you to take a look at what you will be doing for the whole month. It supports pinch and double-tap zoom, so you can easily zoom in and out using your fingertips. It makes adding a new event a breeze by providing simple button combinations. Should you need to go backward or forward to a specific date, you can do so with a simple tap of your finger. For those who need spectacles, you can set the font size right from the Settings menu.

Google Calendar

Of course we have the obligatory nod to Google Calendar. It’s the official calendar from Google that has pretty much all the features you can expect from a basic calendar on Android. It’s a really solid option and if you’re going for an all GoogleGet it on Google Play experience you kind of have to use this one. It doesn’t have any ridiculous features, but it has all of the basic ones which still makes it a solid option.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar


At first, CalenGoo seems a bit too bare-bones to be great, but after using it for awhile, it becomes clear that it’s just a part of a no-nonsense, pragmatic look. The flashiest feature CalenGoo offers is the ability to drag and drop appointments to different times throughout a day, but otherwise, you have the full complement of calendar and task functions.

Agenda Widget

For those that are perfectly happy with the native calendar but are looking for a more robust home screen widget, the aptly-named Agenda Widget may be worth checking out. It can pull in tasks from CalenGoo and Pocket Informant, scour your contact list for birthdays and anniversaries, and includes a healthy assortment of themes. The widget is fully resizeable, which is a nice change considering many of the other calendar apps fill up the widget menu with those of various static sizes.

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