Top 6 Best Free Security Tools For Your Smartphone

Here’s a list of top 6 best Security apps that offers a strong set of security tools for your Android phone.

Best Free Security Tools For Your Smartphone: In these days most of phone users have android OS enabled Smartphone. Android users are increasing day by day and also increase malicious attack on it. If you use android phone then you have to consider the security of the phone data. Because our latest android phone contains many important data like Emails, personal documents, bank details, personal photo & videos. There are many free android security tools also known as Antivirus for Android which can easily protect your smartphone from various type of virus and malwares.

Best Security Tools for Android Phone:

Security Tools for Android Phone

Security Tools for Android Phone

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout is a free app that protects your iOS or Android device around the clock from mobile threats such as unsecure WiFi networks, malicious apps, fraudulent links, etc. You can also use it to backup your contacts by scheduling automatic backups and then accessing the information online, or using it to restore your device in case of a crash or data loss. If you lose your phone, Lookout can locate it on a Google map even if the GPS is off. It will also activate a loud alarm even if your phone is on silent.

BullGuard Mobile Security 10

With BullGuard you get an online account that lets you remotely access your smartphone, along with a Mobile Security Manager that works with your device’s GPS. If you lose your device, you can lock it remotely and wipe it clean. It also includes a Parental Control module so that you can keep your kids protected without having direct access to the phone. It includes anti-virus and anti-spyware, firewall, spam filter, backup/restore feature for contacts, and SIM card protection.

Use Android In-built Security

If you are running on Jelly Bean, you can have a screen lock and encryption enabled to further enhance your security. There are many types of screen locks available for you to choose from such as password, pin, pattern and face unlock, available in your Android settings. Even when setting pins or pattern locks, try not to make it easy for hackers to guess your password.

IHound Phone And Family Tracking

iHound is great for families and includes various tracking tools, yet it is also a Great tool for protecting your device. iHound can use your phone’s GPS to track your device and report its location. It includes an alarm that can be set off via a push notification and heard even when the device is silent. If you use this on an Android device, you can also remotely wipe your data and lock your device. iHound can also protect you with the unique geofencing feature that automatically checks you in on Facebook or Twitter when you arrive at your destination.

McAfee WaveSecure

McAfee WaveSecure

McAfee WaveSecure

McAfee has also created an excellent mobile security application for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian OS, Windows phone, and Java. It includes all of the same features as the rest: remote wiping and locking; backup and restoring of data; and location and SIM tracking. With WaveSecure, not only can you backup your contacts, but you can also backup photos and videos.

Norton Security

Norton secures all your mobile devices with one, easy to use web based service. You can easily control the protection in one place but most features are available for Android devices only, unless otherwise specified for iPhone.

You can track your device. It can remotely locate your lost or stolen Android, iPhone or iPad on a map. If someone attempts to harm your phone it automatically uses the built in web cam (from cam) to take a picture of the culprit. You can also remotely lock your device if it’s stolen or lost, so that strangers can’t use your phone. You can also erase all information remotely if your device is stolen or lost. If has a shield feature that blocks fraud and malicious websites that steals your personal information. You can instantly lock your phone if the SIM card is removed.

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