Top 7 Alternatives File Managers App for Android

File manager is very essential application for each platform and device, whether it is your computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

Most of the smartphones come with basic file managers. Some don’t. Or maybe you just want a better file manager. Search Google Play and you’ll find lots of file managers available to help you organize files in your Android devices and SD cards. It’s not hard to get overwhelmed when considering all those options.

Ratings provided by users on Google Play might help us know about the quality of apps. We’ve included those ratings for that apps we’re mentioning here, and many of these file managers have fared pretty much with the general Google Play populace. Most of the ones we’re mentioning have lots of 4.5 or above. Obviously, Google Play ratings are susceptible to change. The ratings we mention are current as of the writing of this article.

Top 7 Alternatives File Managers App for Android

Top 7 Alternatives File Managers App for Android

There are file managers app with many kinds of interfaces and various layers of functionality out there, so at least one file manager is bound to suit your needs and preferences. Most file managers will share some functionality, such as the ability to view and delete files. Many of these play well with cloud storage options as well. Here are top 7 best file explorer and file manager apps for just about any android device.

Root Browser

First up within our list is Root Browser. This file manager focuses on browsing the entire system and predominately for those who have root access. It’s a functional file browser with the standard features such as tools to cope with compressed files, theming, and the capability to manage and edit your files. It comes with a sleek, easy-to-use interface and there are free and paid versions. You can get it using the button below.

Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager may be the one that offers more features than every other file manager. It specializes in Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive and Cloud storage access. Its attractive features are backup assistant, task killer, advanced file searching, root explorer, 11 language support and zip and rar support etc.

ES File Explore

ES File Explorer is the best file explore app for Android device. An amazing file manager app with cool features like download manager, cloud storage and FTP client allow it to be better than any other file explorers. If you have any type of file on the internal memory of your device or SD card, this awesome app will give you full access to that file. You may also compress and extract .zip and .rar files. Another feature which makes it unique from other app is it is totally free of ads.

X-plore File Manager

If you wish to have app that has more management options i quickly suggest you X-plore File Manger. This app has a lot of management options. Its UI is extremely attractive with dual pane window, if you wish to see more than one folder at any given time then X-plore File Manager is the greatest. It has other best features like use of cloud storage, app manager and WiFi file sharing.

Dual File Manager XT

Dual File Manager XT

Total Commander File Manager

It has all the features of other file managers but in addition it has some more advanced features like cloud storage access, FTP, SFTP and LAN too. Feature which makes it unique from other file manager is built-in media player which can stream files directly from LAN and WedDAV etc.This app is really a higher user rated file manage within the Google Play Store.

File Mnager by

The most widely used file manager app is File Manger By File Manger By have user-friendly interface that supporting over 16 languages. It’s no feature for cloud storage support and root exploring that may be considered as its negative point. Like other file managers, it’s possible to also extract and compress different data format with this app.

Dual File Manager XT

One of my pet peeves with Windows 95 if this came out was that it eliminated the two-pane view in Windows Explorer that made file comparison and copying very easy. That’s probably why I’m a sucker for Total Commander and it is clones on the desktop. Dual File Manager XT attempts to bring back that power with two-pane file browsing in your Android device. There’s more, obviously, like thumbnail views, archive management, search and so on.

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