Top 7 Best Android Tools and Utility Apps 2015

There are many other useful android tools applications for various purposes which we have listed below.

On the list of first immediately noticeable uses to have an Android device is to be a tool. Before all the games, keyboards, and production apps, people were finding approaches to use their Android devices to be a tool to make every day life easier and it’s still among the best reasons to own any smartphone. In this article, we’ll look at the top Android tools and utility apps.

Here is the top list of tools for rooting your android device:

Best Android Tools Apps 2015

Best Android Tools Apps 2015

Brightest Flashlight Ever

If you have a power outage or need a flashlight, you will want to download the Brightest Flashlight Ever. The Brightest Flashlight Ever has a simple interface and is easy to turn on and off. This app will give you maximum light in a dark situation.

Google Translate

Google Translate is an Android app created by Google Inc. Google Translate has the ability to translate words, phrases and web pages. Users can translate text and voice in over 70 languages. Other features include being able to translate without a network connection, save favorite translations and sync them across various devices. Users can also take a picture of text and have it translated.


There are plenty of flashlight apps out there but all pretty much do the same thing which is either light up your screen white so you can use it as a flashlight or activate your LED flash so you can use that as a flashlight. DashLight has an app, a widget for your homescreen, and DashClock Widget support so you can access your camera on your lock screen if you have that set up. It’s permission friendly and it’s a solid option.

Bubble Level

This app helps you ensure that an object is levelled properly. You need to hold any side of your phone against the object that needs to be levelled, or lay it on flat surface for a 360° level. After downloading this app, you can calibrate, show angles and lock your orientation too.


First on our list is AppLock. This nifty security app helps you lock up the various parts of your device so that snoops, thieves, or curious kids can’t get to them. With it you can lock up content like SMS, contacts, Facebook, photo gallery, Google Play Store, settings, and calls. As the name implies, you can also lock up pretty much any app as well. There are several options available to lock up everything and it’s a great way to keep your phone private without having to relay on a lock screen lock.

Clean Master (Speed Booster)

Clean Master (Speed Booster)

Clean Master

Clean Master is an intensely popular application that is actually really useful. Whenever you install an Android app, it creates its own folder and leaves its data laying around. When you uninstall it, that data doesn’t necessarily go with it. Clean Master can help by finding and deleting that extra crap left behind by other apps. There’s also a built in app manager, task manager, and bare bones antivirus for those who would like to get all of those features in one place.

Smart Tools

Smart Tools is an older app but has been updated over the years and still remains a great tool to have. Within the app you’ll find methods to measure things like length, angle, slope, distance, height, and width. You’ll also have a compass, level meter, flashlight, mirror, and unit converter.

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